Should I buy the paint before hiring a painting company in Victoria, BC?

Paint contractor victoria, bc

One thing that is mostly common with people looking to get painting done in their home, is the fact that they would like to make the job easier for the contractor. By doing so they can help reduce the cost and ideally speed the time of the process. One way people look to do that is by buying the paint themselves.

One fear that I have had expressed, is that the painting contractor will mark up the paint, and make money on it. And if the customer buys it they can save a little money. With this said it is my opinion that a business has a right to make a fair profit, which is good if you want them to be around for any future work, especially if there is a warranty issue. But more on that another time.

Lets look at three reasons why it actually saves you money by not purchasing the paint yourself:

  1. Buying the right Product. Qualified painting contractors have been around the block.  They have used many different products, from different stores and are the best suited to make an informed choice for the surface being painted. Some paint stores have a lot of different lines of paint, and without having tried them, it is good to get someone who has to help make that informed choice for you.  Without the right product, you may end up getting a paint that is less durable, and will result in having to get painting done more often than you need.
  2. Contractors use what works for them. With some experience, you can tell what you like to use and what you don’t.  Cheap paints actually take longer to make them look good and have even coverage. Maybe even require an extra coat. Some paints will drag more than others causing it to to take longer cutting (or edging) it in. A reputable painting contractor would have a list of go to paints that they would like to use, and having to use a different or cheaper/inferior paint might actually cause your price to increase. To add to this, we have products that we know and trust to last for the expected time period. By choosing a different paint, we are not always able to provide our exceptional warranty program.
  3. Convenience. Hiring a professional to do any kind of work for you can be expensive. It takes time to earn that money to begin with. We as painting contractors, are stopping at the store almost daily. It makes more sense to get us to pick up the paint along the way. By doing this, you do not have to worry about ordering to much paint, or not enough. You will not have to worry about having to stop in the middle of the day to pick up the paint for us.  When we say we are a full service, interior and exterior painting company, that means we want to make your life as easy as can be during the process.

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