Safely painting tall and difficult locations

Painting In High Places

One thing I have noticed about all the different places that we paint, is that there is always at least one spot that is difficult to get to, making the task difficult to complete. Sometimes I say to myself, “Well the engineer definitely wasn’t thinking about the next paint job!


At A.B. Painting, we like to keep the work as safe as possible. There is no job that is more important than allowing our workers to go home at the end of the day. That is why we not only buy the best and safest equipment to complete each job, but we have built a good relationship with an equipment rental place for any big mobility tools such as lifts and scaffolds for when we need it.

Although there are a few ways to get access to a difficult to reach situation I will touch point on only a few.

1. Ladders: Ladders are the most common tool we use for
reaching obtainable heights. They are easy to move around and are safe when used correctly.

2. Lifts: When ladders are not an option due to height, location, or sometimes the terrain will not allow it,
we will look at using either scaffolding or man-lifts. Pictured left we are painting a church sanctuary, where it would have
been dangerous and time consuming to paint by a ladder. The scissor
lift was able to drive right in and around making the job more safe and efficient.

The picture on the right is one of the workers painting a condo building in Oak Bay using a straight boom lift. This lift allowed us to get access to all the high areas while only having to move the lift every so often. Utilizing tools like a lift not only makes the job more efficient, but the quality is evident as it is as if you’re working on the ground.

3. Scaffold: Like lifts, scaffolds are great because you can complete areas in higher spots while standing on a platform. They take some time to erect properly, but once up they are a great tool to work off of.

If you have a home with a difficult to reach location in the Greater Victoria Area, give A.B. Painting Services a call so your home can get a nice and fresh paint job without having to sacrifice safety to get it done.

Please book a time that works best for you.

If you are booking for a time in Sooke, Please email or call at 250.589.4122 as we schedule Sooke estimates on the same days. Thank you