Residential Repaints

It’s time to paint your room a different color and give it a whole new look and feeling, but how do you make a choice with so many options? At A.B. Painting Services, the paint available for Victoria Residential Repaints seems to be almost limitless and we will easily be able to mix your paint to match your color preference. Being able to get our own custom mixed paint is a wonderful thing but it does not help you narrow down your choices. The following are a few simple ideas for narrowing your choices and choosing the perfect color for your room.

Of course the decor of your room will play a big part in the choice of your paint color. Lighting in the room will have a big influence in your color choice as well. Also, the size of your room will need to be considered because the color of the paint will change the feel of the space dramatically. Dark colors will make a small room feel even smaller while bright colors will make a large impersonal space seem even larger and colder.

Why Choose Us For Your Residential Repaints

As a Victoria, BC professional residential painting contractor we can provide you with all types of Residential Repaints services like Home Re-painting, Interior Repainting, and Exterior Repainting to name just a few. Our professional Residential Repaints team is bonded, licensed and insured. They carry liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage. We also are a certified Sherwin Williams preferred Residential Repaints company.

A.B. Painting Services will make sure your belongings are protected and your family is safe as we complete your Residential Repaints project. We do not cut corners. We provide excellent long-term value by hiring the best Victoria area Residential Repaints Contractors and providing high quality paint jobs. You’ll have confidence when the job is started and complete satisfaction when it’s done. We will go above and beyond to please you so we can add your name to our long list of satisfied Residential Repaints customers in the Victoria, BC area.

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If you are booking for a time in Sooke, Please email or call at 250.589.4122 as we schedule Sooke estimates on the same days. Thank you