Is Primer Necessary For Your Paint Job?

Primer isn’t necessary in every paint job but it is important to be able to identify when it is needed. The first step to figuring out if you should be using a primer or not is to understanding the types of primers that are available and what they’re made to do.


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To help achieve a consistent look by your final coat it is important to use a primer on new or bare drywall. Don’t fret this extra step as it actually saves you time and money as using a quality drywall primer is typically much less expensive per gallon than using multiple coats of a quality interior paint.


painting primer

Bare wood is one of the most difficult surfaces for the first coat of paint to stick to. Using a slow-drying oil-based primer is your best bet for great results. While it takes a long time to dry, allowing it to soak into the wood results in a base that sticks better than any other type of primer.


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Applying a primer to a masonry surface before paint has many benefits. Some masonry surfaces can have a high pH level which will cause adhesion problems if paint is applied directly to the surface.  It is crucial to use a quality masonry primer as it will allow you to paint safely over a larger range of pH levels without risk of adhesion loss. Efflorescence is another problem. These are unsightly white, crystalline deposits that can form on any masonry surface. Many masonry primers are efflorescent-resistant and do a great job of keeping it from becoming a problem.


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Some surfaces require a stain-blocking primer in order to over up water and smoke stains/grease/your children’s drawings that they most lovingly did on the walls with sharpies. There are different types of stain-blocking primers for specific uses but they are especially needed when painting a lighter colour over a much darker one.


Slick surfaces such as ceramic tile, plastics, and surfaces with a high gloss finish pose a unique challenge for even the best quality. This is where bonding primers come in to the rescue when choosing the correct type.


Multi-Purpose Primers are gaining popularity due to their universal use for a wide-variety of surfaces. While this sounds like the simplest option some types overlook certain situations that they might not be necessarily a good fit for.

If you have an hesitations or concerns it can’t hurt to contact professionals to give you the best advice and help you get the job done right.


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