How often should you paint the interior of your home?

There are several reasons one may choose to repaint the interior rooms of a home. For the most part, homeowners choose to repaint their rooms when the color begins to look dated or aesthetically unpleasant, or if they have recently moved into a home. Generally, there is no rule of thumb for the best time to repaint the interior of your home. However, when you feel like your home needs to be updated or refreshed, especially as Spring approaches, don’t be afraid to declutter, restyle, and refresh your home as you see fit!


Hallways & Corridors

Normally, hallways and corridors experience a little extra wear & tear than other rooms, requiring some extra touch-ups on scuff marks, scratches, dents, and cracks. If the paint is a high-quality washable paint, then the walls may be washed occasionally, but this won’t always fix the problem. It is recommended to repaint your hallways & corridors about every two to three years.


Living & Dining Rooms

Despite being used often, these rooms tend to have a long-lasting paint life. Living & dining rooms tend to be painted with higher-quality paint, and are not disturbed as often due to their relatively formal uses. Usually, the high-quality paint as well as an array of furniture, art, & draperies give these walls some coverage & prevent them from being scuffed. Since these rooms don’t experience as much wear & tear, they won’t require repainting for about five to seven years.

Kitchens, Bathrooms, & Laundry Rooms

Since these areas are usually the busiest and most used rooms at home, you may find yourself looking to refresh these rooms sooner than others. It is useful to use a paint that is able to withstand heat and frequent washing in the kitchen, due to the amount of cooking and splattering that goes on. Bathrooms and laundry rooms tend to have a higher amount of heat & moisture in the air, which can cause wear & tear quicker than in other areas of the house. Due to these reasons, it is recommended you repaint these walls more often, or every two to four years.



Paint generally lasts a long time in bedrooms, and if you’ve chosen a color that suits the atmosphere you want in your bedroom, then you may not need to change it for quite a few years! However, this could also be the exact opposite – for children’s rooms with high activity, scuffs and scrapes are sure to happen quickly and should be repainted every three to four years.


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