Kitchen cabinet refinishing, what is involved?

Victoria Kitchen cabinet refinishing

Repainting vs. Replacing Kitchen Cabinets
Is repainting worth it and what is involved


Overtime, the painted surfaces in your home get worn down, beat, and damaged by daily use. It is almost a guarantee that they are going to need to be repainted throughout the lifetime of your house.  But what about the surfaces that seem like more permanent fixtures, such as kitchen cabinets? 


Kitchen cabinets often get left to be outdated as they are costly to replace – even replacing the doors can add up quickly.  This is why we are pleased to offer kitchen cabinet refinishing. That’s right, we  take your old and outdated cabinets and bring them back to life. But what is involved in refinishing your kitchen cabinets?


1. We start with an onsite professional consult to determine the best way to go about refinishing your cabinets. Should everything be sprayed? Should the Doors and drawers be sprayed whilst the boxes rolled? We give your answers.


2. The first step to kitchen cabinet refinishing, after the consultation of course, is remvoing Kitchen cabinet paintingrt, all the doors and drawers, carefully labeling each one. Labeling is one of the most important steps to the process as each piece is individually fitted and adjusted. After removing the doors, they are taken to our shop to be prepared and painted.


3. Kitchen cabinets, being that they are in one of the used rooms in a house, often get greasy overtime. Because of this, we thoroughly clean every inch of surface with a quality degreaser (“KudKutter”).After they are carefully cleaned, everything gets a thorough sand with a high grit sandpaper to promote a smooth surface and proper adhesion.


4. Next, all the areas around the surfaces that are to be painted are masked. This is where we can get creative, finding the best way to mask the inside of your boxes, while still being able to spray the profile.

kitchen cabinet painting


5. The original finish of the cabinets is what ultimately determines the type of primer we need to use. One of the most common finishes we see is that of stained wood wanting to be converted to paint. The best primer for this job is a shellac based primer that dries fast and will prevent any tannin bleed through from the wood or previous stain.


6. After everything is primed properly, we can give it another sand and wipe down before we start our top coats. Each job gets a minimum of two top coats for durability.


7. When everything is properly painted, we will remove all masking, re install all the pieces. At the end, the only evidence that we were there, is the fact that you now have a modernized and beautiful set of kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet painting
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