Three Crucial Elements to Consider when Hiring a Painting Contractor

You know it’s time to give the exterior of you house a facelift when the it starts to look not as good as it once did. Being that paint is not only cosmetic, but a protective coating against the elements it is important to repaint when needed.

When it comes to painting professionals and contractors, there are no shortages. It seems everywhere you look (even knocking at your front door) there is another company asking for your business. It is important, however, that you hire a painting contractor that is the right fit for you.

It would be a mistake to believe that all painting contractors are completely equal in the way they do their business.  To make things even more complicated, two of the best contractors in town might have completely different business models that reflect two completely different areas of painting.
Regardless of the scope of work, there are three important qualities that should be present when choosing a painting contractor:

1. Licensed and Insured.
It is so important to make sure that the painting contractor that you hire has all the necessary licenses and insurance required to be a legitimate contractor. Not everyone who claims to be a business is legitimately licensed and insured.

When someone is working on your home and they are not licensed and insured it poses a big risk to you. If one of the workers is not covered by any injury insurance and he or she gets hurt, they are under your responsibility and you can legally be held liable for any claims they can make. The same thing goes for any damage to your home.

Never feel like you are asking too much for proof of coverage. A clearance letter is easily accessible and will show whether or not the contractor is up to date with his coverage.

2. Detailed proposals
A detailed estimate provides protection for both parties. It lets both know what is included and what is not, so there is no getting half way through the project only to find out that those two rooms that you thought were included aren’t.

A detailed estimate also allows you to compare apples to apples when reviewing different bids. It is easier to levitate to the cheaper estimate but only to realize he is using subpar materials when the other is using premium, or knowing that the painting contractor is going to prepare all the substrates in the way that would not only look the best, but provide the best protection. But of course, no one can fully predict that there are not going to be any surprises that come up in any job, but a detailed proposal can ensure that those surprises are legitimate surprises and not something that you thought was included to begin with.

3. Communication“A good relationship starts with good communication”-unknown author

As we all know, communication is vital in any business deal. Communication is key to every contractor’s day to day operations, from sales to invoicing. It effects being awarded contracts, scheduling, and follow ups when the project is complete.

Before the contract is awarded, it is good to take note of how the contractor responds to your questions and concerns. Do they respond right away, or do they take a week to get back to you? When they do respond, do they answer all of your questions and concerns?

During the contract, it makes for a very smooth process when the customer knows the exact plan of attack. For an example, it is helpful to know whether or not you have to move anything before the project begins.

After the job is complete an open line of communication is important in case anything still needs to be fixed or any touched up.

The key thing to remember is that schedules change fast and things get added and have to be removed. Sometimes unexpected and uncontrollable issues arrive but good, constant communication throughout the entire process reduces stress.
There are plenty more elements to look for when on the hunt for a painting contractor but we hope we have created a foundation for finding the right fit for you!

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