Exterior House Painting: When is the Right Time?

With the changing of seasons from damp and drab to warm and sunny we again start turning our attention to the outdoors. With yards, gardens, driveways, siding, gutters, and more all calling for our attention, we can often find ourselves overwhelmed with where to start first. While Summer and Autumn are both good times to paint the exterior of your home, there are several advantages to tackling your exterior house painting the project in Spring:


One consideration in timing your exterior work is that painting the outside of your home will cause a lot of foot (and ladder) traffic through your garden. For this reason it is best to save your mulching, weeding and planting until after the siding is washed, scraped and painted.


Another important factor is that paint cures best in mild temperatures. Exterior paint will dry fine in the summer, but painting your home in the spring can yield better curing and longer lasting results.


Finally, if you paint the outside of your house in the spring, you will have a much longer time to enjoy it before the cold weather sets in again! Get your home in shape before the barbecues, graduation parties and pool parties begin, and enjoy a fresh new look for three seasons!


Hiring a professional  house painter can often be the easiest and cheapest route. Let us take away  the headache of tackling your painting project alone.

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