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When Do You Need To Hire A Professional Painter?

Interior painting is one of the most common DIY home projects. Painting a room in your home won’t necessarily require a huge amount of skill, it doesn’t need to be expensive, and it has a huge effect on the way your home looks and feels.   However, before you decide to tackle this project on […]


Three Crucial Elements to Consider when Hiring a Painting Contractor

You know it’s time to give the exterior of you house a facelift when the it starts to look not as good as it once did. Being that paint is not only cosmetic, but a protective coating against the elements it is important to repaint when needed. When it comes to painting professionals and contractors, […]

Painting In High Places

Safely painting tall and difficult locations

One thing I have noticed about all the different places that we paint, is that there is always at least one spot that is difficult to get to, making the task difficult to complete. Sometimes I say to myself, “Well the engineer definitely wasn’t thinking about the next paint job!   At A.B. Painting, we […]

popcorn ceiling removal

Top Reasons For Popcorn Ceiling Removal

More than likely you are already familiar with what exactly popcorn ceilings are; the name certainly gives it away. This is an extremely textured ceiling that has the look of popcorn. While this look was common for quite a few years, or actually a few decades to be exact, it is no longer desirable. So […]

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